Cheap Reads

We all have weaknesses……right?  I have many, but one of them is reading.  If there was one thing I could spend an entire day doing, it is reading a good book.  Someday I am going to write my own!

If only I didn’t have adult responsibilities.

But being the frugal gal that I am, I HATE to pay full price for a book.  (I could not afford my habit if I did.)

I decided to share a couple of the ways that I read all I can and keep my cost way down.

I devour the clearance section at Half Price books.  I am amazed at how many fantastic books I have found for $1.  If I come across a book in the store that I am unsure about, I pull out my phone and check out the reviews on Amazon.  I know it is only a buck, but I still don’t want to end up with a crummy read.  (Plus I am one of those crazy people who must finish a book once I have started it……even if it is totally lame.)books

#1    My other favorite thing is  This site is fantabulous!  It is free……almost!  You have a virtual bookshelf that you can post the books you currently own.    When someone request one of your books from you, you media mail it through the USPS for $2.47.  For each book that you mail out, you get a credit to use towards any book on the site!  If there is a book you have your eye on that is not currently waiting on someone’s shelf, you can add yourself to the wish list.  Once your name is next on the list for the book, you get an email that it is available.  Wha La…….a few days later it is waiting in your mailbox to be devoured.  (The best part is that you can turn around and post that book once you are finished reading it!)

#2   Kindle FREE books.  If you don’t have a kindle, no problem!  You can download the FREE App on your smart phone or tablet.  (If you don’t have one of those, you can read it from your computer.)  I must admit that some of the free books are not the greatest…..poor editing or weak story lines.  Always check out the reviews.  Check out the store often because at the beginning of each month there are always new books added.

Cheap kindle books.  While FREE is always better, I often find books for just a couple of bucks!  Often times, you can even “share” your kindle books with a friend.  Here is how:

Check it out!

This is what I do!  Do you have any great tips for cheap reads?

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