Savvy, Smart…..or EXTREME???

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My journey into frugality has been an adventure.    When I was a teenager my mom would give me a budget to buy my school clothes.  She took me out, ledger in hand, and let me dig through racks until I reached the magic number.  I would get no more clothes until Christmas.  This was a springboard into  my journey of stretching the almighty dollar.  I scoured clearance racks and glanced over the Sunday newspaper ads for deals.

At that point in my life, I was what we over here at Two Frugal Gals like to call the Savvy Shopper!  I was smart and did my best to save money in easy ways.

Then I got pregnant with my oldest son in 2002.  I knew that I wanted to quit my job and stay home.  My husband was on board but we had to cut back on our spending.  At that point I discovered how to be a Game Player.  I started clipping coupons and matching them up with sales.  I began researching online for things and took some time each week to be strategic in the way that I spent my money.

Now days, I am proud to be one of the crazy ones……An Extremist!  This journey has happened over time.  It began with a love for carbs.  Sad, I know.  I started experimenting with making all my own bread.  Sandwich bread, hot dog buns, pizza crust, dinner rolls…..if it was made from flour and yeast , I was determined to make it.  Here is what I learned….I was being ripped off for a loaf of whole wheat bread.  What I spent $2.50 on I could easily make for $0.50.  That peeked my interest and I wondered what else I was buying, even with a coupon, that I could easily make myself for a fraction of the cost.  This expanded into things like cream of chicken soup and dishwasher detergent.  Now, I can make anything.  (Well……almost anything!)

Our love for saving money has become a passion, maybe even an addiction, that we want to share with YOU!  While on our site, you will find a variety of frugalicious ideas no matter which of these categories you find yourself in.  You will notice on the right hand side that you can browse all of our postings by these category names.  Check them out, and let us know if you there is something you would like to see!


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