What do recipes actually cost?

Because I am a totally FRUGAL gal, I want to know my actual cost for the things that I make.  I always keep plenty of pantry items on hand, and they are not free!  So, I have done some calculations on the most common recipe items I use.


1 Cup of All-purpose flour:  $0.09

1 Cup of Whole Wheat flour:  $0.15

1 Cup of granulate sugar:  $0.22

1 Cup of Milk:  $0.19

1 Cup powdered sugar:  $0.25

1 Cup brown sugar:  $0.44

1 Cup vegetable oil:  $0.45

1 Cup stick Butter:  $1.50

1 Cup Stick Margarine:  $0.50

1 TSP baking powder:  $0.02

1 TSP baking soda:  $0.01

1 egg:  $0.12

If you are a game player, and get rock bottom prices when matching coupons to some of these items, your cost will be lower.  This is a break down for things when you buy them at regular price.

Happy cooking!


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