Laundry Detergent Stockpile

detergent          detergent 2

Are couponers weird?  I suppose we’re all weird in our own ways, but I used to have this conception that people who coupon are particularly quirky. Who has the time to spend on couponing and finding deals to save a few bucks here and there?  Then I realized that I’m not weird…I’m just a frugal gal who likes to save money where I can so I can go on a few more crazy date nights with my honey.  So, in order to stretch my dollar, I’ve realized that the main key to couponing is getting the biggest bang for my buck.  How you ask?  The “secret” I’ve learned is to wait until an item goes on sale that I have a coupon for, then I “stack” that sale with the coupon for additional savings.

It’s simple, but let me explain:  I, like most moms spend a lot of time doing laundry for my active family and realized that I was constantly buying expensive laundry detergent.  I quickly found coupons for laundry detergent and then searched for sales when doing my shopping.  A 50 oz bottle (pictured on right) can be as high as $5.29.  I’ve frequently found detergent on sale for $3.99 and regularly find coupons for $2 off.  So, by “stacking”, I’m able to buy a bottle of detergent for $1.99….that’s a 62% savings!!  The great thing is that there’s typically no limit on how many you can buy.  Through “stacking”, I’ve been able to purchase more of what I need at one time for the same amount of money I was previously spending, and once I’ve built a small stockpile (picture on left), I don’t have to buy that item for quite some time.  I’ve found that it’s super easy to stockpile and save big on items like detergent, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, dish soap, etc., all items everyone is going to buy anyway.  This method is so simple and can be used by anyone willing to give it just a little bit of time.  Why wouldn’t I want to coupon?  Not weird, but smart!

Now for my dilemma….I’ve got plenty of detergent to clean my laundry.  I just don’t have enough space to store my towels and sheets since my “stockpile” has taken over my linen closet!


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