Keeping Produce FRESH

photoSometimes being frugal takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes it can be as easy as a………paper towel!

The girls in my house LOVE salad so I keep lettuce on hand to make them several times a week.   You will notice when circling the produce section that you can get a head of lettuce for about $1.25 and a bag, which contains half as much, is about $3 or more.

My sister gave me a FRUGALTASTIC  tip recently…..put a paper towel in the bag of lettuce when you bring it home.  Lettuce ruins from all the moisture in the bag, and the paper towel absorbs the moisture for you so your lettuce last MUCH longer.   I started out using this just for lettuce but have found that it works GREAT for any produce that tends to get slimy due to moisture.

The lettuce in this picture was purchased TWO WEEKS AGO.  Eat Fresh…..for longer!


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