Saving Big with Drugstore Rebates & Rewards

CVS savings

What’s the surest way to pay full price?  Wait until you run out of something.  It’s so easy to stock up on toothpaste when it’s on a deep discount or free than to have to pay $3 for a tube because I’ve run out.   As you might guess I keep a cabinet stocked with shampoo, razors, toothpaste, deodorant, soap and other items.  Drugstore deals make great donations. Charities that serve homeless individuals, families in crisis or rescue situations, and elderly often request personal care items, since they can be fairly expensive to buy at full retail price. Saving then sharing, makes especially good use of strategic shopping.  Here are a few ways I save at drugstores.

  • Scan weekly sales circulars – many store circulars include store coupons, wich can be combined with manufactured coupons and other offers.  I visit Coupon Mom for my Grocey Store and Drugstore savings.  She does all the work for me by listing all of the weekly and monthly deals.  There are many other sites that provide different scenarios, and I’ve found it helpful to read them and find senarios that best match what my own needs (and coupons) are.  These sites also link to available printable coupons in case you don’t have one from the newspaper.
  • Combine “Buy one, Get one” offers with coupons.
  • learn how to take full advantage of Drugstore rebate and rewards programs.  They are a way to not only SAVE BIG, but to actually make money!

CVS savings 2

Here is a deal senerio I found awhile back at CVS.  Pampers diapers were on sale for 9.99.  I had a $2.00 off coupon and recieved a $4.00 off extrabucks rewards which made my diaper purchase only $4.65.  That’s .7 cents per diaper!

Good luck! May you become a frugal savings champion:)

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