365 Ways to Love Your Child

365 Ways to Love Your Child - Caryl Waller Krueger - Hardcover - Special Value

Love makes the world go round right?  But it’s also the glue of families, communities, and nations.  This wonderful book describes very specific ways to simply love your child.  The wonderful thing about this book, you can start using the ideas right away!  You don’t need to  buy anything or spend time on fancy preparations.  It’s doing ordinary, everyday things with a special “extra” your children will love.   John 15:13 There is no greater love than to love and to be loved.  Here are a few of my favorites from this wonderful book!

  • Once A Day: As you say goodnight to your youngster, think back over the day’s events.  Whether it was a day of disaster or harmony, you can still end the day on a loving note.  Get up from the sofa, take time to walk to a child’s room, give a hug and a kiss and tell that child how much you treasure him.  Never let the day end without this expression of love.  (This works well on spouses, too!)
  • Whispers: Not all family conversations have to be heard by everyone.  Whisper a love message in a child’s ear as he leaves for school, goes out to play, does his homework, goes to bed.  Follow your whispered message with a soft kiss.
  • Have You Hugged a Tree Lately?: When in the park or walking down the sidewalk together, count how many trees you can hug together.  (your hands and your child’s hands must meet around the tree trunk.)  Each time your hands meet, say, “I like this tree, but I love you so much more.”
  • Care Enough: Love protects!  Show your children how much you care for them by keeping them very safe.  Talk about these situations: when there is a fire in the house, when someone knocks on the door, when they’re approached by a stranger, when they’re home alone and the phone rings, when they see matches, poisons, guns, and so forth.  Tell them that you want them to know about these things, not to make them afraid, but because you truly care for them and want them to always be safe.
  • Wonderful Warm Bath:  Who says a bath has to be at bedtime? Sometimes a warm bath can be restful when tired, soothing when tense, comforting when angry.  While you can only recommend this soothing time to teens, you can lovingly lead little ones to a bubbly tub bath to help them calm down while you read to them.
  • A Secret:  We all love being confided in.  Tell your child a secret, something “only between you and me.”  It’s a good way to teach children to be confidential, and your child feels special when you trust him.
  • Feed The Birds:  Make a comparison between your love for a child and a mother bird’s love for her babies.  (If you have a cat and kitten or dog and puppy, you can use that example as well.)  Show how the mother feeds her babies, keeps them warm, protects them from danger – just as you do for your child.  Care for hungry birds in the cold winter by hanging and filling an inexpensive bird feeder.  Talk about caring for birds and other small animails as opposed to killing them for target practice.  Be supportive of your local animal-care agencies and go to visit them just to look.
  • Room Service:  Surprise a child when she’s getting ready for bed by bringing a snack or tray (milk and a cracker is enough) to her room.  Sit down and chat about the day.  She’ll feel very loved to have you waiting on her with this treat.
  • Certificates Of Love:  Make a little booklet of handmade certificates that your youngerster can redeem from you.  The certificates can purchase a trip to the zoo, a day without chores, his favorite meal, a video party with friends, a manicure and pedicure, free admission to an event, an oil change and car wash for a teen’s car, a three dollar “discount” at the toy store, an up-front seat in the car for one week.
  • What Mother Taught Me:  Very often a mother (or father) passes on to a child the loving words of wisdom from her own mother.  One little rhymn from a mother to a daughter falls in this category.  Help your child memorize it.

                                                   Don’t look for the flaws in life,

                                                   But even if you find them,

                                                   Be wise and kind, and somewhat blind,

                                                   And look for the virtues behind them.

Do you have any good reads to help in your mothering adventure?

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