Keeping the Kids Covered……

I hate laundry.  Hate. clothes

Maybe it is just because I am so bad at it.  Seriously.

But this post is not about my confessions, it is about how I go about buying all the clothes that lead to laundry.

Face it, clothes are not cheap!  My kids will not stop growing so I always need more.  Here are some of the ways that I do all I can to be frugal:

1.  I NEVER turn down offers for hand me downs!  If someone says they have some clothes and ask if I am interested….the answer is always YES!  I don’t always keep everything I am given, but I do go through it and pull out what we like.  I have received some of the most adorable, barely used, clothes this way.  I just bag up the stuff that we don’t want and pass it on or donate it.

2.  I SAVE clothes.  I keep tubs in my garage for every size.  When my youngest in each gender out grows something, I give them away.  I have heard many people say that they are not going to keep things for two years until the next child can fit in them.  I say……then give them to me and I will!!!!

3.  I shop online.   I do not like to pay for shipping because it adds a lot to the cost of the clothes.  Many stores are great about offering free shipping with no minumum order.  (Kohls, Children’s place, and Crocs)  I have scored some GREAT bargains this way!  Just sign up for the eclubs and scan the emails for free shipping codes!  (Just last week I bought my daughter adorable glittery t-shirts from Children’s place for $2.50 with free shipping!)

4.  Dillards.  Yes that is correct.  Some of my most successful shopping sprees have come from here.  A few times a year they do a sale that is 30-40% off their already reduced clearance.  I have brought home bags full of clothes for just a couple of bucks an item.  Jeans for $4.  This is GREAT quality stuff that will make it through multiple kids!  Make sure to sign up for their email list to be notified when the sales are coming.

5.  I go to the Salvation Army.  I know, many people would die before they bought clothes this way, but I will buy jeans and shorts there every year.  My local store throws all clothes on half-price every Wednesday!  I have found Gap, Gymboree, and Old Navy jeans in like new condition for $2.

6.  Shoes.  I rarely get hand me downs that are not good for anything other than playing in the rain.  This is something I almost always have to purchase new.  With ten little feet to keep covered I am always on the look out for a bargain.  I go to Burlington often for shoes.  They have good brands that are significantly cheaper than anywhere else.  I also shop at Academy for athletic shoes.  I used to go to Wal-Mart or Target but the shoes fell apart before my kids outgrew them.  I  have also found great deals in the clearance section at department stores.


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