Cooking Ahead

photo(6) copy

Here I have pizza dough in the bread maker, pumpkin bread and muffins cooling, sandwich bread rising, chicken boiling, and enchilada sauce simmering.

Many days, I look up at the clock and realize that it is 4:00 and all my meat is frozen.  There is no way I am going to be able to get dinner cooked and on the table before the natives start begging for food.  Inevitably, we end up eating junk or grabbing dinner out.  This is unhealthy and expensive!

A few months ago I found a solution to my problem.  One day a week, I spend about three hours getting dinner for the week prepped.  I will ground the hamburger meat, boil the chicken, and make the pasta sauce while the bread machine kneads the pizza dough and sandwich bread.  I have lots of thing to do, so I don’t wast time.  What would take me an hour a day, I can get done in a fraction of the time for the entire week.   When 5:00 rolls around, it only takes a few minutes to get dinner on the table.

I have a hard time justifying going and grabbing food when I know there is a healthy meal ready to go.  (Now I can use all the money I didn’t waste on impulsive meals to go on a date with hubs!)


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