How to Save 50% on Groceries


My personal rule of thumb in savings at the grocery store is at least 50%.  If I’m doing this, I feel like I’m doing well.  Here is a list I have taped to the inside of my coupon binder when I need to take a quick glance before stockpiling.

Toothbrush: Free

Mouthwash: $.50

Deodorant: Free

BodyWash: $.50

Soap: $.25

Lotion: $.50

Shampoo/Conditioner $.50

Feminine Hygiene Products: Free

Shaving Cream: $.50

Disposable Razors: Free

Razors: (ex. Gillette Fusion or Venus): $1

Detergent: $1.50

Dish Washer Tabs or Liquid: $.50

Toilet Paper: $.25 per roll

Cleaning Supplies: $.50

Baby wipes: $1.00 or less per box

Diapers: $.11 per diaper

Candles: $1.00 or less (high quality)

Aluminum Foil: $.50

Fruit: $1.00 per lb

Meat: $2/lb, $4/lb Steaks (High quality)

Potatoes: $3/10 lb bag

Soda: $2.50/12 pack

Cereal: $.50 per box

Canned veggies: $.35

Frozen Veggies: Free

Pasta: $.25

Pasta Sauce: $.50

The best rule of thumb is if you’re saving 90% or more of the retail price, you have most likely found a rock bottom price deal.


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