cheeseA few weeks ago a friend of mine and I were at lunch talking about our most recent adventures in the kitchen and I proclaimed, “I am tired of buying velveeta cheese!”  She literally flapped her arms erratically and told me that she had come a cross a recipe for it on Pinterest.  I pulled out my phone and we looked at it.  I stopped at the store on the way home from lunch and made it that afternoon.  (Yes….I DO have issues!)

I was so excited.

And then I wasn’t.

Now…..American Test Kitchen did in fact create a recipe for American cheese.  It makes wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches.  I makes fantastic sliced cheese.  But the all time favorite chile con queso….it does NOT.  I have, however, made several batches of this cheese and will never buy individually wrapped slices of American cheese.  (I say never loosely.  There will be a time when I am in a crunch and will buy it or I will find it on sale so cheap that I can’t resist.)

If you want a similiar recipe that you can make melty velveeta chile con queso out of go here.)


Here is the Recipe:

1 TBS water

1 1/2 tsp powdered gelatine

12 ounces Colby Cheese, grated

1 TBS Whole Milk Powder

1 Tsp salt

⅛ teaspoon cream of tartar

1/2 Cup plus 2 TBS whole milk

NOTE: Whole milk powder cannot be substituted for non-fat dry milk powder.  That yellow can there in the picture is what you want.  I found it at Wal-Mart in the Hispanic food section.  It is all in Spanish….I can’t read a word of it!  Once you have a can of it, you will be hooked. You can use it to substitute milk in recipes!!

NOTE #2: You CANNOT buy pre-shredded cheese.  They add cellulose to it so it won’t clump.  It will ruin this recipe!


Pour your water in a bowl and sprinkle your gelatin over it.  Set aside.


Grate your cheese.  (I did this in my food processor and then had to dump it in a bowl to change out the blade.  Not my smartest move!)

IMG_4831Line your loaf pan with saran wrap.  This mini-loaf pan is what I had on hand.  The best pan to use is a 5X4.  My cheese ended up a little short.

IMG_4829Sprinkle your milk powder, salt, and cream of tartar across the top.

IMG_4830Pulse a few times to mix it all together.

IMG_4834 Heat the milk until boiling and then whisk together with the gelatin/water.

IMG_4835Pour into food processor.

IMG_4836Pulse in the processor until your cheese is nice and creamy.  Use a rubber spatula to spread into your bread loaf pan, and refrigerate.  (I forgot to take a picture! :))  Press firmly and wrap the saran wrap over the top.  refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Now….  You can add flavors to this cheese.  I am going to make some pepper jack and tomato basil!  YUMMY!!!  Just add the ingredients when you add the salt.)

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