IMG_4890Just a few miles from my house is this fantastic little place called Froberg’s.  It is a local farm where you can go pick your own strawberries.  My kids LOVE it!  Surprisingly, it is just as cheap to pick them as it is to buy them at the store.  They charge $2/pound.  The problem is that I have 5 kids.  They don’t think about how much their overflowing buckets cost.  We have just learned to minimize the number of buckets!  Works like a charm.

The next problem I came across was …….what do I do with POUNDS of strawberries before they go bad?  That led me to several fun recipes.  Strawberry bread, strawberry muffins, sweetened strawberries with cool whip….and my favorite strawberry preserves!

This trip to the farm was fruitful.  (Don’t you love cheesy humor??)  We were able to have a fun-filled afternoon and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

What kind of frugal things do you do with your kids?   I am ALWAYS looking for some ideas!


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