This week I bit the bullet and bought a Kitchen Aid Mixer.  My old stand up mixer died on me a few months ago and I have been dragging my feet about investing in one of these.  After prowling many sales on them, I finally found a deal good enough to entice me to pull the trigger and make the purchase!

photo(89)When it came in the mail and I pulled it out of the box my kids saw this picture of cookiewiches and asked with wide eyes, “You can make THOSE with this mixer?”  At that point I couldn’t resist, so this is the first thing I made using my new kitchen toy!

To make the cookie, I just used my favorite recipe found here.  The only modification was that I used regular chocolate chips rather than the chunks.  I baked them and let them cool completely before starting the filling.

Here is what you need for the filling:

1 stick butter softened

2 cups powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp almond extract (optional, but YUMMY!)

1-2 TBS water

photo(87) photo(86)

Throw your butter, extracts, and powdered sugar into the mixing bowl.  Mix on low-speed until well blended.  If it is too stiff you can add some of the water a little at a time.  You want this to be stiff, not like icing for a cake.  I only used 1 TBS of water. If you don’t use the almond extract you might need a little more.


Try to find cookies that are about the same size and put a nice THICK layer of filling on one of the cookies and place the other one on top.  Be careful not to press to hard as these cookies are nice and soft!


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