Color My World Thank You Gift

This week is teacher appreciation week at the girls school. I have been stock piling crayons over the past year as they’ve gone on sale. Around a house full of kiddos you can never have too many crayons right?  I put small candies and a gift card inside and it turned out  cute and super frugal.


Items you’ll need:

Glue gun

1 empty small can or 2 liter Coke bottle cut to size

2 boxes 24 count crayons

Teacher appericiationIf you’re using a can take off the sharp edges of the can and clean it out. If you’re using a coke bottle cut and clean out the inside.  Start gluing crayons around the edge.  If you’re a perfectionist, make sure all the words crayon is neatly arranged before gluing.  Russell was irritated that mine wasn’t done that way.  Once all the crayons are glued around the edge you can also use ribbon and glue it around the crayons to help hold them together.  Then I finished it by putting some tissue paper inside the middle and some yummy special stuff in the middle.                                   color world tagHere’s where I copied this great idea!  The printable can be found  at KimsKandyKreations blog.


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