Kohl’s Rewards

KOHLS REWARDS BANNERA couple of months ago I posted about Kohl’s and how to save money despite all the gimmicks!  Well, they have just added yet another gimmick to help us save….as long as we are strategic!!! This is currently in the testing phase and is available in 100 stores.  When you go to enroll, it will tell you if your store is participating.

KOHLS REWARDS ENROLL PAGE  Go to their website to enroll.  They will send you a rewards card in the mail.  Every time you shop, give them your email address, phone number, or let them scan the card.  For every $1 you spend you get a point.  When you reach 100 points, you will get $5 to spend in the store.


The greatest part is that you get 100 points immediately once you sign up.  I read all the fine print for the program and it seems pretty straight forward.  I think you can use your reward points along with a coupon.  (This just means that the shirt I was eyeing last time I was in there will be $5 cheaper when I go back in!!!)



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