Saving Money at Aldi Stores


Aldi is a relatively newer store in our area, it’s small and cheap.  The things I appreciate most about this store are that it’s small which makes grocery shopping easier especially if you have kids.  It’s super close to Kroger (across the street) so it makes it super easy to make a quick run for our favorite produce.  However, don’t let appearance fool you, sometimes the ‘cheapest’ looking stores aren’t the cheapest in town. With that said, here are a few tips if you’re looking at shopping at Aldi to keep in mind.


Bring a quarter:  you have to insert a quarter to get a basket.  But you will get the quarter back when you return the basket. Also, bring bags in order to keep the prices low, Aldi requires you bring your own bags and bag your own grocries or you can purchase bags from Aldi when you check out.


Shop produce… I’ve seen very few stores ever beat the prices at Aldi when it comes to produce and Milk. Make sure you check for quality of produce.  The picture above reflects one of my Aldi shopping trips.  You cannot use coupons at Aldi, the prices are what they are.  But the key to knowing if you’ve found your best deal is by knowing your best prices on the particular item.  Don’t assume all their prices must be low, many times consumers assume all the prices must be low on their items because of the ‘cheap’ marketing strategies.  Lastly check for  quality, most      items at Aldi are their own brand. You’ll find there are some items that compare just fine with the name brand but you’ll also find a few others that don’t.  What has been your experience at Aldi?  We’d love to know!

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