God’s Eye Craft

If you’re looking for a fun craft for all ages, check this out!  We made these a few weeks ago and the kiddos LOVED it!  It came with hours of entertainment!  Now I know why my mom introduced this when we were growing up… it gave her time for the nervous breakdown she deserved watching all of us during the hot summer days 🙂

Neat history lesson…The Pueblo and other Native Americans wore special decorations called a God’s Eye, which were thought to bring good luck and long life. They were also created for celebration or blessing, presented as a gift or designed to bless a home.  Now more often they are sold in markets, reminding us that God looks with love on people everywhere.


Things You’ll Need

two sticks the same size and yarn or string. Seriously… THAT’S ALL!!


Place 2 sticks together to form an X. This is the frame for the God’s Eye.


 Tie one end of the yarn around the center of the frame to hold them together. Make the knot tight so the sticks aren’t loose.


With the other hand, wrap the yarn over and around one arm of the X, then over and around the next arm, and so on. Pull the yarn tightly each time and push the yarn down snugly toward the center.  Continue working this way until the God’s Eye is completed.  Cut the yarn 3 inches from the end of the God’s Eye.  20130710-081530.jpg

You can wrap the entire X with the same color yarn, or you can add different colors; it’s your choice! Once you get the hang of making God’s Eye, try making a gigantic one using two rulers; or a tiny one using toothpicks!  Enjoy!

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