Budget Saving Strategies for Buying Meat

Two Frugal Gals


When I’m planning my menu for the week I normally plan around which meat, poultry, pork, or seafood item I’m going to be serving as an entrée.  Because meat generally serves as the “main event” at dinnertime, it can represent a significant slice of my grocery budget.   I realized cutting what I spend on meat can have a major impact on my spending overall.  Below are a few simple tricks of the trade when buying meat that I’ve learned.Weekly Ad

  • I time my purchases to coincide with sales, so that despite price fluctuations at the store, the price you pay remains consistently low.   Get familiar with the sales cycles in your area; you’ll eventually know when it’s time to load your cart, and your freezer.
  • I Start by reading the supermarket sales selections in the newspaper (the weekly sales cycle happens every Wednesday).  At least one type of main-dish ingredient is the featured front-page…

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