DIY Thanksgiving Decor


Can you believe it’s already November?  CRAZY!!  During this month, Two Frugal Gals will be featuring some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes and crafty, creative do-it-yourself Thanksgiving decorations to help make this time of year fun for your family.  Who knew creating your own Thanksgiving décor could be so simple and fun?  The greatest thing about these fall decorating ideas… they are simple and easy enough for your whole family to join in.   Totally upcycled and frugal!!!  And decorations you can go back to year after year.  So sit back and give thanks my friends to a wonderful time of year! 20131102-075152.jpg Thanksgiving Tree Centerpiece.  This is a fun custom holiday décor. This tree was put together gathering fallen branches with the kiddos near our house.  We placed them in a beautiful clear vase wrapped and tied a beautiful ribbon and added a few fall flowers found at our local craft store.  We cut out paper circles and punched holes in each of them for the family to write their thanksgiving blessings to hang from the branches.  It’s a beautiful handcrafted look, making a perfect addition for your own seasonal decoration piece.20131018-091857.jpg Why buy a new vase for your fall bouquet when nature provides the perfect one this time of year?  We filled a pumpkin with a full bouquet of fall flowers in our medium pumpkin for a beautiful centerpiece.  The pumpkin should last two or three weeks, and the fresh flowers and other items up to two weeks. For maximum use, pull out any wilting flowers and add fresh ones. Since it likely is a large bouquet and the container is small, remember to add water often.20131102-075458.jpg

Wine cork Pumpkins.  I love they way they turned out!  My sister in law found this on idea on pinterest.  What a great way  up-cycle my wine corks. Just paint the ends of your wine corks, hot glue them together and add pretty leaves and viola!


Make this framed Thanksgiving Menu using an old frame.  All you need to do is remove any glass in your frame, hot glue your ribbon/twine to the back or front of the frame at the appropriate height to center your menu.  Use mini clothespins to hang your menu from the ribbon.  You can find a free printed menu by going to and selecting your size.  That’s all!  Hang it! Lean it against a wall.

Happy frugal planning ya’ll!

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