Pirate Birthday Party

It’s March madness in our house, all three of our kiddos have birthdays this month.  We kicked off the month with a pirate birthday party theme for my son Colson and it was a huge hit with the kiddos. Overall, it was fairly easy, frugal and lots of fun!


Here’s the menu:

Golden Nuggets (I purchased chicken nuggets from chick-fil A)
Scurvy Rolls (Turkey Wrap w/Cranberry Cream Cheese) I bought these at Costco but you can easily make them!
Octopus dip (beer dip) Everyone raved about this! So creamy and delicious, and really does go best with pretzels.
Cannon balls (black olives)
Fish & Chips (Goldfish crackers & plain potato chips)
Watermelon pirate ship with fresh fruit
Watermelon Shark with fresh fruit
Seaweed Salad (pasta salad) This is a great recipe!
Ahoy Ma-Tea (Sweet Tea)
Pirate Punch (Hawaiian Punch)


The fresh fruit & Watermelon Boat and Shark was a huge hit! My hubby did a fantastic job planning and did a lot of research to put this masterpiece together.  Here are a few sites he used!  How to make a watermelon shark carving and How to make a watermelon ship carving


 A little Shark humor before the party with these two!


We served up Ahoy Ma-Tea (Sweet Tea) and Pirate Punch (Hawaiian Punch).  My niece helped with labeling everything with her beautiful pirate handwriting.


Russell made a Hook Toss out of an old pallet and a walk the plank out of some wood.

20140324-105031.jpg  Lastly, I found this super cute pirate ship piñata I showcased at the cupcake table before we took it outside and got everyone involved in the birthday activity.


Happy Birthday to our precious, sweet hearted, adventurous little pirate.  There hasn’t been a single day in the last three years that you haven’t brought joy to our life.  And so much love.  I feel blessed to live my life with you and thank God he gave me the privilege of being your mommy!


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