Bacon & Sausage Pasta Bake

Last week we had some friends coming over to eat and I wanted to use some of the deer sausage we had been given.  Pasta goes a long way, so I threw together this little recipe.

Here is what you need:

1 pound sliced link sausage (Italian would be great!)

12 ounces bacon cooked and crumbled

1/2 onion chopped

2 TBS olive oil

1 Can diced tomatoes

1 jar spaghetti sauce

1 box penne pasta

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

20140211-133535.jpgBoil a pot of water and add your pasta.  Continue to boil for 7-8 minutes.

While your pasta is cooking, toss your onion and olive oil in a pan.  Cook on medium until the onions become clear.

Drain your pasta.

In a bowl combine the pasta, sausage, bacon, onion, diced tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.


20140211-133601.jpgDump your mixture into a deep 9X13 pan.

20140211-133610.jpgSprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

YUM! 🙂

Pasta Carbonara

I love, love, love,  Carbonara it’s one of my favorite pasta meals and super easy to make.  If your looking for a traditional recipe,  you won’t find any peas,  cream, onions and/or garlic in a carbonara it’s basically just bacon, eggs, and pasta .  But, I came across this recipe on The Pioneer Woman and had to try it.  It was so delish.  In my search for recipes, I came across several other cooking sites that mentioned adding zucchini, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes etc..  it’s a great meal to add your favorites and enjoy!


 6 slices bacon, chopped
salt and ground black pepper to taste
3/4 cups Heavy Cream
3 cloves garlic
1 1/2 cups grated Parmesan cheese
3 Large eggs
1 pound spaghetti or farfalle pasta
2 cups frozen peas


Cook pasta according to package directions.  While pasta is cooking, Cook the bacon in a large skillet over medium heat until crisp, about 10 minutes. Remove bacon from skillet with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel-lined plate. 20140104-095329.jpg

Pour off all of the bacon grease, but don’t clean the pan. Return the pan to the stove over medium-low heat and throw in the onions and garlic. Cook until golden brown. 20140104-095420.jpg

In a bowl, mix together eggs, Parmesan, cream, and salt and pepper until smooth.


When the pasta is done, reserve a cup or two of the pasta water. Drain the pasta and place it in a bowl. While the pasta is still really hot, slowly drizzle in the egg mixture, stirring the pasta the whole time. The sauce will become thick and should coat the pasta. Splash in a little hot pasta water if needed for consistency.  Halfway through, add the peas, bacon, and sautéed onion/garlic. Finish adding the sauce, stirring until it’s all combined.  Serve immediately with extra Parmesan. Yummo!

Copy Cat Sonic Pretzel Dog


Over the summer Sonic came out with these awesome Pretzel dogs.  The first time I stopped through for happy hour, I knew I had to have one.  So I did.


And t was awesome.


My first step was to perfect the bun.  I did that here.


The rest was pretty easy.  I grilled some hot dogs, grated some cheese and fried up some bacon.  (Ok…well it was not REAL bacon.  It was turkey bacon.  I know. I know…. Not the greatest thing in the world, but a girl has to do what she can to make sure that she can button her jeans, right?)  The result was a pretty fantastic replica of the pretzel dog.  YUM!


Green Bean Bundles

A sweet friend from MOPS shared this recipe with me and I fell in LOVE.  It’s a fabulous recipe used as a side dish or appetizer and works great prepared in advance.  It’s also a great recipe this time of year because you can find fresh green beans on sale!


What you need:

2 cans whole green beans, drained

1lb bacon

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup butter

4 clover garlic, minced

Cut each strip of bacon into 2 or 3 even pieces, depending on length of bacon. Spread each piece with your finger to thin and stretch it slightly. Take 5 or 6 whole green beans and place them in the center of each bacon piece, them roll bacon around beans and put seam side down in a single layer in the bottom of a greased casserole dish. In a small saucepan, mix together brown sugar, butter, and garlic; bring to slight boil. (Can also do this in the microwave.) Drizzle over bundles. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.


Seriously, my mouth is watering just looking at this picture!  Bacon for life!


Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken


Seriously I think you could add it to almost any recipe and it would make it go from good….to FANTASTIC!

Last week, I was having some friends come over for dinner and didn’t want to have to go to the store.  I had to get creative and I figured if I just used bacon it would all come out fine.  This is the delicious result….

Here is what you need:

4 chicken breast

4 ounces cream cheese

6 ounces cheddar cheese, grated

1 package bacon

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tsp chili powder

20130717-221930.jpgMix your cheeses together. Set aside.


Mix your chili powder and brown sugar together in a bowl, and set aside.


Slice your chicken in half to make them thin.  Then put a tablespoon of the cheese mixture in the middle.

20130717-222010.jpgRoll your chicken breast up.

20130717-222025.jpgWrap it in bacon and secure it with toothpicks.  Make sure to wrap around the sides so your cheese does not come out.

20130719-104603.jpgRoll your chicken in the sugar mixture to coat.  Repeat with all your chicken.  Put in a baking dish and cook on 350 for 25-30 minutes.

Enjoy!! 🙂

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