Melting Crayons

Last week I had seven little people in my house.  That’s right seven… I have a complete new respect for any of you who are raising a large family.  YOU ROCK!!! It was a total adventure but by the third day I was beginning to feel like I look in my driver’s license photo. Despite being sleep deprived and a bit looney, the kiddos had so much fun and shared some wonderful memories with each other.  I pulled together a few crafts to keep them entertained during their visit.  Here was one that ending up being a favorite.  I think it was mine too!  SUPER EASY and fun!

crayon craft 4

I took a box of Crayola crayons and let the kiddos pick five favorite colors.  I didn’t have a canvas  but instead used the top of a box lid and taped the crayons at the top.   I would recommend to glue them with a glue gun if you have one.

crayon craft 3

then we turned our blow dryer to hot on high.

Crayon Craft 2

not long after you set the hair dryer by the crayons they get shiny and then the wax starts to melt! They each took turns and watched excitedly as the colors raced down the lid.  Seriously… they were so impressed!!

Crayon Craft

It dries really quick and after one kiddo finished, we added five more beside theirs and started the process again.  I’ve read on several posts to make sure you use Crayola.  Some tried to use other brands and it was a complete fail.  It turned out super cool… I’m thinking about using this as wall art for Kinley’s room.  Maybe next time I’ll save our broken crayons and try this again!

Homemade Cross

Collecting crosses makes me happy.  I find great joy in searching for the perfect cross and LOVE finding unique ones to add to my collection. Over the years as I’ve gone into friends homes, I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who shares in this love.  It’s really neat to see how a wall can look and how together they can form a beautiful masterpiece.  During my last year as coordinator for our local MOPS group, I wanted to give some of the women in our group a personal gift for all of their hard work to the ministry.  I was searching for the perfect cross, but didn’t have a lot of money to purchase one I had my eye on.  I decided to make a few of my own and they turned out beautiful. I found all of the material at Hobby Lobby (the great thing about this store is if you plan your shopping just right, you can find decorative cross decor half off!).  Always check the ad for Hobbby Lobby before you shop to make sure your not paying full price!  And…make sure  you use your 40% coupon valid on one single item full price item to have a frugalistic craft purchase. The total amount spent on this project cost me twelve dollars. Below you will see how easy and fun it can be to make this beautiful cross for one of your special occasions without spending a fortune.

finished cross

Items you will need:

1 antique silver wall cross for the base.

1 resin scroll cross for the middle

black cross embelishment for the top

Parawire non – tarnish copper wire

Glue gun

screw driver


First, plug your glue gun in, I like to let it sit for awhile so that it will be nice and hot when I’m ready to use.   Next, take the small screws and hook off the back of your resin scroll cross (this will be the one you will use for your middle).  You will be making your own hook from the wire you purchased so no need to keep unless of course you want to use for something else.

Wirecross backing 2

You will see several different wire sizes to choose from.  I chose this because it was thin enough to work with without breaking easily.  Cut about six inches (I just eyeball this) of wire and twist the two bottoms tightly together.  Cross backing

Turn your antique silver wall cross over and place your prepared wire in between your silver wall cross and resin scroll cross. Once you have this like you want, glue the two crosses together capturing the wired between the two crosses and let dry completely.Side view of cross

Here is a side view of the way it should look.  You want to make sure the wire is long enough to hang comfortably.  Finally add your black embelishment cross on top of your resin scroll cross by using your glue gun.  finished cross

This is how it will look when it’s completed! You can use a black sharpie to write something nice on the back and there it is…your beautiful frugal masterpiece!  Do you have any frugal gift ideas?

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