Pumpkin Halloween String Garland

This was a super fun Halloween craft project, but I’ll have to say it was a bit messy.  We tried our first batch of pumpkins inside and decided to do the other batch outside.  It’s definitely a project for ages 7 and up!  Kinley enjoyed wrapping and is planning on doing more!  I found the idea on Spoonful.com they made Jack Skellington’s  but we are a bunch of wimps over here and made pumpkins instead.


Orange cotton string

Black felt

Green Pipe Cleaner

Water Balloons

Liquid Fabric Starch (you can find this on the laundry isle next to the spray starch)





1.  Blow up your water balloons so they are about 4 inches wide and tie off the ends.

2. Cut the orange cotton string into long lengths, about 5 feet long. You can always cut more.

3.  Cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth template and trace them onto the black felt. Cut out the pieces. You will need a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth for each pumpkin string ball you wish to make.

4.  Pour liquid starch into a bowl. Place your balloon into the bowl. Dip the ends of your 5 foot white string into the bowl and wrap the string around your balloon, soaking the string in the starch before you wrap. Add more lengths of orange string. Once the balloon resembles a very messy spider web, hang the balloon up to dry. Place newspaper or craft paper under the balloons as they will drip.  (We did our second batch outside).

5.  Cut a piece of string about a foot long and tie one end to the end of the balloon. (You will use this string to hang your balloon so it can dry).

6.  Once all the string balls are dry, pop the balloons and pull them out through a gap in the string.  (Make sure the string is completely dry or the sting will fall apart we waited to pop balloon until the next day) Glue on a pair of eyes, a mouth, and a nose and pipe cleaner for the stem to each string ball. Tie them to a long ribbon, yarn, or string garland, evenly spacing them. Cut off extra string after you have tied them into place.

Frugal Family Fun

20130702-200209.jpgI have a confession to make.  I hate crafts.

There…..I said it.  This homeschooling mother of 5 hates to pull out the paint, glue, glitter and clay.  It makes a mess.  It requires my constant supervision, and I am just flat lazy sometimes.

BUT….my frugal partner, Diane, kept my kids for a week and did crafts with them everyday.  They. Loved. It!

In fact, they begged me to start doing crafts.  Sigh.  I agreed…..reluctantly!

Since it was 4th of July we started with mobiles.  They were messy….but FUN!  We simply used poster board, paint, and string.  It kept the kids busy and happy for over an hour.  (That alone was worth the mess!!)

What are some fun crafts that you do with your kids?  Since I am committed to this I need some ideas! 😉

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