Frugal Family Fun

20130702-200209.jpgI have a confession to make.  I hate crafts.

There…..I said it.  This homeschooling mother of 5 hates to pull out the paint, glue, glitter and clay.  It makes a mess.  It requires my constant supervision, and I am just flat lazy sometimes.

BUT….my frugal partner, Diane, kept my kids for a week and did crafts with them everyday.  They. Loved. It!

In fact, they begged me to start doing crafts.  Sigh.  I agreed…..reluctantly!

Since it was 4th of July we started with mobiles.  They were messy….but FUN!  We simply used poster board, paint, and string.  It kept the kids busy and happy for over an hour.  (That alone was worth the mess!!)

What are some fun crafts that you do with your kids?  Since I am committed to this I need some ideas! 😉

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