Homemade gifts……that are NOT cheesy!


Ok.  I will admit that I love to make gifts for people….as long as they are not cheesy! I just love the personal touch of actually putting in the time to do something special for people.  My kids are much more excited to give a gift that they made than something we rushed to pick up on the way to a party.  (Can you tell that I have done that WAY too many times?????)

Recently I made this for my nephews.  Yes, it took my boys and I a couple of hours to paint them.  Yes, I had to think ahead and collect different sized cans.  And yes, I had to pull out the saw to cut the  2 X 4.  BUT…it was totally worth it when my boys watched their cousins open the gift.  They were so proud of what they had made.  They all ran outside as fast as they could and started playing.  It kept them occupied for the rest of the day!  (Now that is priceless!!!!)

This did end up being a pretty frugaltastic gift.  It cost us about $3 for the paint and board. (Enough to make 2 games)  I purchased the stuffed angry birds on Amazon.  (At the time they came in a 3 pack for $7.)  This brings the total for two games to $7.67.

What frugalrific, not cheesy, gift ideas do you have???


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