FREE Books!!!!


I love my kindle!  It was a gift from my amazing mom last year.  Before I had one, I always said that I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea of an electronic book.  Just seemed wrong.  BUT…..once I had one, I was hooked.  I love that I can have a book in an instant, and I never lose my page!

Now, I do still buy paper books.  How else can I take a bath and enjoy a book?  Now days about half of the books that I read are from my kindle.

Recently, I discovered how I can get tons of FREEEEE books for my kindle.  Every day, Kindle has daily deals.  There are always free books and many of them are pretty good!  Keep in mind……there will be some pretty bad, cheesy, no good books.  I have had a few where I read the first chapter and then just delete it from my library.  No big deal since I didn’t pay for them!  BEST of all….I get TONS of free books for my kids.  They LOVE reading on the kindle. (I just want them to read!)


Go here to subscribe to the Kindle daily deals.  Once you sign up, they will send you an email each day with all their best deals.  Not all of them are free, but they are all discounted.  I always download the free ones and just delete the ones I don’t want to keep.  I have found some of my favorite authors for $1-$2 on the daily deals also.  It is worth it to scroll through the email!

Happy reading!!!!!

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