Turning Bar Soap into Liquid

photo(31)You can turn any bar of soap into liquid soap.  Why you ask?  Why would you want to turn a bar of soap into liquid?

I am glad you asked!

Bar soap is cheap!  You can buy a two pack at the dollar store, or get it for free with coupons at the grocery store.  This is not always the case with liquid soap.  Body wash, hand soap, dish detergent and laundry soap all can be made with liquid soap.  So here is how you do it:


1.  Take your bar of soap and look at the weight.  Take the weight of the soap and multiply it by 4.  That is how much water you need.  (This bar is 4 ounces, so I need 16 ounces of water.)


2.  Put your bar of soap in a ziplock bag and pour the water into the bag.

3.  Zip it up and squeeze the bag a few times each day.

4.  In 4-5 days you will have liquid soap. (The picture at the top shows the finished product!)

In the bar of soap I used for these pictures I paid $.50 for it.  This turned into 16 ounces of liquid soap.  I will later turn this into men’s body wash.  Even with the BEST coupon, you will never find a bottle of body wash for such a FRUGALTASTIC price!

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