Re-fashioned T-Shirt

Every year, my daughter Kinley has college week at her school.  Each day involves a theme and one of the days she needed to wear her favorite college shirt.  Unfortunately we didn’t have one in her size but no worries… we found a way! My sister-in-law and I began researching “no-sew” fitted t-shirts and found this DIY project.  We took one of my husbands old college shirts (out of about 1,000) and found a simple and cute way to dress it up.  This project took about an hour total and cost me an old t-shirt = FREE.


We went through Russell’s closet and selected this one for our Project.  We cut off the bottom so the edges would roll up. Then we cut the sides of the shirt all the way up the side and even the sleeve. Note: Make sure the cut is as straight as it can be, the only thing that should be still stuck together after this step is the neck of the shirt.


Then we cut about one inch strips all the way up the side and even the sleeve.
We tied the strips into knots, like you would tie a shoelace or string into a knot. (don’t pull too hard but make sure its tight enough so the knot won’t fall out). Do this step to both sides of the shirt.
 Cut the neck as big as you wish and cut the end of the sleeves off of the shirt. we decided to tie knots all the way around the sleeves but you can design or make unique for your liking.
The rest is yours to decorate how you would like.  We added a few bows and made a cute headband to match.
Go Red Raiders!

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