Remodeling…..on a budget!

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With five kids in the house, the bathrooms can get pretty nasty.  I feel like I clean them all the time and still feel like I am visiting the local gas station every time I walk into their bathroom.


After bleaching the floor, and changing out the base boards, I still couldn’t walk past this bathroom without feeling like I needed a bottle of disinfectant.  So I did what any SANE woman would do……..I tore out the floor!


I decided that if I tiled UP the wall, maybe, just maybe, I could get this bathroom clean once and for all!!


In preparation for tile, I pulled up the linoleum and cut out three feet of the sheet rock.  We put in the cement backer board and installed the tile.  (Since I am NOT an expert on how to tile….I will tell you that everything I learned came from You Tube.  I watched about 20 videos teaching me how to tile and I did it!)

photo(16)I stained the cabinets.  (This little job cost me less than $10 and it made a drastic difference!  I purchased the Minwax PolyStains.  You do a light sand and two coats of stain to finish the job!! THIS is the video I watched to know how to do it.)


Painted the walls, bought a new shower curtain and TADA…..New, improved, non-stinky bathroom!!!!

I talked to a contractor, and he told me he would charge me $900 in labor to do this job….plus the materials.  That sounded INSANE!!  Once I got two days into the project, I understood.  This was a LOT of work.  But in the end, I am glad I did it.  I love looking at it knowing that I did it!!!  And it saved me a lot of money.  Here is the break down of what  I spent:

$20 for a tile saw on Craigslist

$75 on tile

$12 on thin set mortar

$50 on cement backer board and screws

$15 on grout

$20 caulk, bathtub trim, and sponge

$15 on shower curtain

$30 on paint and paint supplies

$10 on stain and sandpaper for cabinets

$25 Misc. stuff (mirror clips, sheet rock knife, base boards, etc…)

I was amazed at how little the cost of supplies actually are.  The majority of the money spent on a remodel goes to labor….because it is laborious!  I am inspired to watch more videos and learn how to do simple remodeling projects for the rest of my house.  We have put many of them off because it is so expensive to hire people to do things for us.

Maybe you don’t have a smelly bathroom that needs a make over, but before you put off another project let the experts who posted over at You Tube give you a few lessons on how to do things for yourself!!


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