A Word about Thrift Shops…..


I have been looking for a small dresser or nightstand that I want to re-purpose for my bathroom.  What that really means is that I have spent LOTS of time visiting thrift shops.  This week I found 2 GREAT finds!

You all know about my shameless love affair with my bread machine.  (Yes…I need therapy.)  Well….it works fine, but often times I have to unplug it in order to get the buttons to function correctly.  So when I came across one that is almost the EXACT same as mine in the thrift shop for $9, I snatched it up and skipped to the check out counter.  (Seriously….I practically started a flash mob right there in the store!!!!)

THEN….in the very next store I went into, I found a deep fryer for $9.  Every now and then I think to myself, I need a fryer!  You know…like when you want to make homemade doughnuts!

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(I think I just gained 5 pounds!!!)

Anyways….I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love thrift stores.  Whether it is a local one or Goodwill or Salvation Army.  I. LOVE. THEM.

You always need to be careful when shopping.  You don’t want to over pay for things.  If I am shopping around and I find something that I THINK is a good deal, I put my phone to good use.  Look it up and see what it goes for new.  If the gap is significant…..go for used!!

I love old furniture.  It is made of quality wood.  The new stuff I have purchased over the last few years may look nice when I bring it home, but it scratches easily and gets wobbly.  The older stuff doesn’t do that.  I am making it my new goal to learn how to re-finish furniture.  (In other words….I will be posting my newest projects soon!!!!)  Thrift shops are a GREAT place to find old furniture.

Costumes, kitchen items, small appliances, and toys are always good second-hand.  (Last year I bought a HUGE tub of lincoln logs for $4.  Those things are like $30 retail.  My kids have built some stellar cabins with my cheap find.)

Many thrift shops have even better sales.  With Goodwill they try to turn over their stuff in 30 days.  Each week when new items are brought into the store they are assigned a color.  That color changes every week. After four weeks, they put everything in a certain color on sale for 30% off.  (If it makes it 30 days….it goes on sale.)  Make sure you check out the signs at the front to see what the specials are for the week!

Most Salvation Army stores around Houston have half-price clothes days on Wednesdays.  My girls have lots of brand name jeans that I paid a buck or two for on sale!  They also have specials every week.  Check out signage at the front of the store when you go in.

Lastly…..don’t be ashamed!  By being a savvy shopper and saving money…..you are blessing your family.  We are trying to save up to take a vacation to New York at the end of the year.  Every time we find something for a bargain, my kids cheer about how the savings can go into the vacation fund!    They LOVE saving money!

What are your Thrift Store success stories??????

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