Window Cleaner…bye bye Windex!!

photo(141)There are a few things in my life that I have learned NOT to buy in a generic bottle.  Up until recently, Windex was at the top of that list.  (It used to be Velveeta!)  Then I decided to experiment with some recipes to make my own.  After dumping out some bottles of stuff that left behind streaks, I landed on one that works just as well as it’s $4 partner, Mr. Windex!




Here is what you will need:


Squirt bottle

2 Ounces Rubbing Alcohol

1 Ounce Ammonia

3 Drops Dawn soap



Pour the Ammonia and the Alcohol into the bottle.


Add your drops of Dawn.


Fill the bottle up with water.


Wha Lah……Window cleaner!  No streaks and it dries QUICK! 

Cost for the entire bottle:  $0.15



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